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Strawberry Laser Lipo


UNRIVALED INCH LOSS RESULTS!  Get the instant results of liposuction without the surgery. Safe, painless and non-invasive lipo with undisputable results seen instantly.  This amazing laser inch loss treatment, once affordable only to the super rich, is now affordable and available to everyone!  With millions of people, in over 30 countries enjoying painless, strawberry laser inch loss, the treatments are FDA approved and now available in the USA at Signature Spas by Delamar.

Strawberry Laser Lipo


Painless, no downtime, no needles, non-invasive, effective for both men and women, suitable for all skin types, no negative side effects, with instant results. 


Strawberry Laser Lipo is amazing with some clients boasting immediate inch losses of up to 8 inches, over 4 measurement areas, in 20 minutes.  Believe it!!!


Laser lipo treatments can be carried out on small targeted areas, or more general areas, such as the abdomen, thighs,back, hips, buttocks, arms, male breasts or stomach.  In order to achieve the most lasting results, it is important to understand that Strawberry Lase Lipo inch loss is part of a 3 stage process involving, llaser lipo treatments, regular exercise and a sensible diet.   This treatment is sold in sessions of 8.

Whole Body Vibration ("Exercise")


No time to get to the gym after your Strawberry Laser Lipo session, that's okay.  You can get the same effect of exercise by adding a 12 minute whole body vibration exercise session, a non-surgical body shaping experience, to your laser lipo session.  


Whole body vibration, in combination with laser lipo, shows positive results in figure correction such as improving collagen and reducing fat.  The combination of muscle strengthening, local fat burning, lymph drainage, increased blood circulation, and the release of human growth hormone, leads directly and indirectly to a body shaping effect by a reduction in cellulite, less fat tissue and more toned muscles. The rhythmic contractions of the muscle encourage blood circulation.  The vibration system improves the delivery and removal of metabolic wastes in the blood by enhancing blood circulation. Waste products are removed more quickly.  Users of the whole body vibration system feel fitter and experience enhanced results when done in combination with laser lipo.   Whole body vibation is also linked to stress reduction.

Signature Lymphatic Drainage Massage


The Signature Lymphatic Drainage Massage is one of the best things you can do to help your body vastly increase the flow and drainage of toxins and infectious materials from the body.  Also proven to enhance weight loss efforts, particularly after a weightloss procedure such as Strawberry Laser Lipo, by opening the lymph nodes and reducing fatique and swelling related to lymph system blockage and fluid build up in the body.   Used in conjunction with the Strawberry Laser Lipo treatment and whole body vibration exercise, this massage promotes and enhances lasting inch loss.